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Cindy Sagal​

Working with Cindy has been a life changer for me! Prior to me working with Cindy, I suffered from chronic neck and back pain, was out of shape, gained weight and my overall mood was just miserable.

I had tried every fad diet under the sun and not only did I always gain the weight back, but I gained back more and the pain only seemed to worsen. Further to this, I found myself developing allergies daily and had to not only medicate for my neck and back pain but also take allergy pills pretty much daily as well.

This became a vicious cycle for me as it was only masking the problems not to mention the Botox injections I received every three months in my shoulders and upper back. Cindy started off by doing a full assessment of me which I thought was great as I knew this was going to be specific to me, my lifestyle and not just another “cookie cutter” diet or exercise plan that I had done previously.

Well today I can happily say that not only did I lose all the excess weight I gained, I have toned up, rebuilt my strength and endurance and feel better than I did in my early twenties (and I just turned 40!) I no longer suffer from chronic pain or allergies and my overall mood is no comparison to what it was…….my family is very happy about that!

Cindy has not been just a fitness trainer to me but more of a Transformation & Lifestyle coach not to mention my hero! Not only has she coached and guided me through training but also has given me direction on a meal plan that I love and have been able to stick to for both myself and my family, she has also added in supplements specific to my DNA and has virtually diminished any menopausal symptons I was also experiencing.

I was pretty skeptical on some of the direction Cindy was giving me including meditation but low and behold, it has worked for me immensely! I lead a very busy life with not only my family but my career as well and have been able to keep on track for this long.

If Cindy can help guide me to a happy, healthy lifestyle she can help anybody!

Peter Cameron

I came to Cindy weighing 290lbs, smoked cigarettes, and drank more than occasionally. When I walked through those doors I was asked to "trust the process", and today I weigh 215lbs, quit smoking and quit drinking and I am in the best shape of my life. ​Cindy is a truly inspirational human-being because she gives you her everything. She pours every inch of her being into her profession not to turn a buck but to try and teach you how to be the best human you can be. "Knowledge is power" is a quote that resonates with me over this past year that Cindy taught me. Cindy doesn't just train you she empowers your world with knowledge so you have an arsenal of tools to become the best "you" that you can be.

Through Cindy I was able to light the candle of fitness and today I try and pass that torch on to my friends and family so others can experience through me the journey I went through. Cindy isn't just a trainer, or a nutritionist, or a motivator, her skill sets go far beyond that, it's something you must experience and go through the process for yourself to understand. Thanks Cindy for everything you have done to open my eyes for the positive and for what you continue to help me with today.​Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Lorna Brown

You have changed my life in many ways this past year, Not only have I lost over 25 pounds, I have a whole new outlook on life. You have taught me self-discipline, and you have pushed me harder than anyone I know.

You have also taught me self confidence, to think outside of the box, and leave my comfort zone.

The skills I have acquired since meeting you are skills I will carry on in my life. I can't thank you enough for showing me the light.

Through this journey you are not only my life coach, counselor, confidant, you have also become a friend.​​You Have Also Taught Me Self Confidence, To Think Outside Of The Box, And to believe in myself!​

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Cindy Legare

30-26157 Fraser​​Aldergrove, BC.

Cindy Legare

30-26157 Fraser​​Aldergrove, BC.

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